Kalamity Comics Limited



What a terrible week! I worked like a crazy person at my day job and got in a little fender bender. Along with that it's been so hot I've been trying to stay off the computer to keep it from burning itself alive! Ah, venting over. Now onto the news.

EYE HAND VOICE: Building website: 10% complete. I've settled on Comic Fury primarily so I don't have to download anything onto this computer. Not because I fear Comic Press being malicious in some way, but rather I don't want undue strain on this computer.

                             Allocating funds: 100% complete

                             Building three month buffer: Pencils and Ink: 91% complete

                                                                      Letters: 20%  complete

                                                                      Colors: 0% complete

SANGUINE (formerly Skeleton Crew): Salvaging original content : 98% complete

                                                        New content: 0% complete

                                                        Editing: 0% complete

                                                        Comix Tribe editing date: N/A

  Oh and I forgot to mention last time I'm writing a book! Trying to do a page a day then comes allllll the editing and whatnot. I'm going to keep most of the info close to my chest for now but as it comes together I will have more.

BOOK : Pages written: 148